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Reach Out To Your Congregation With Indoor LED Church Signs

Posted by Morgan Marks on Mon, Dec 03, 2012

Church attendance is down, congregations everywhere are having trouble making ends meet, and with the economy still rough, a lot of people just don't have much to give.  Yet, the good work must continue.

If you're looking for a way to increase the visibility of your church, communicate better with your community, and to bring more sheep into the fold each week, digital indoor church signs may be your salvation.  These inexpensive products, based on reliable technology with decades behind it, are an easy and versatile outreach tool.

Let's look at what LED indoor church signs can do for you!

Reach Out To Your Congregation With Indoor LED Church Signs

You've undoubtedly seen these types of indoor LED text displays before, possibly with names like "silent radio" or something like that.  They're affordable and extremely easy-to-use.  All you need to update the messages at any time is some simple PC Software.  Businesses have been adding them to their offices, lobbies, and hallways since the 80s.

indoor led church signsHowever, have you considered what one might do in your church instead?

You could...

•   Show running tallies of your collections totals, along with current fundraising goals and past records.  Seeing those numbers tick up during a service might be just the thing to inspire more of your members to find some charity.

•   Run hymnal lyrics.  For people who don't like staring at music books, why not present your hymns opera-style?  These digital indoor church signs can be easily updated to act as "teleprompters" for your joyful music.

•   Create a digital bulletin board.  A LED church sign in your entryway or foyer will immediately catch the eye of visitors and help guarantee they see all your latest news updates.

•   Guide visitors around your church.  If you have a larger church complex, simple one-line displays can act as perfect directional signage.  They can point the way to different areas and are easily visible any time, day or night. 

•   Announce specials.  If your house of worship includes businesses, restaurants, or other financial endeavors, these signs can announce specials, sales, and other promotions that might lead visitors to help you fill your coffers.

•   Promote holiday services.  Come Lent, Easter, or Christmas, it's easy for your congregation to forget the covenant in the midst of the consumerist rush.  Keep them on track with reminders of upcoming holy days, special services, and the true importance of these special days.

•   Go social.  Move the faith into the 21st century, by embracing social media such as Facebook and Twitter.  You can set up these displays to show recent messages posted to you online, inspiring people to remember your church even when they're going about their day.

In terms of cost to performance, LED indoor church signs are one of the best investments your church can make. They're so easy to use and versatile; any church can find ways to turn them into spiritual tools.

Interested in investing in an indoor church sign? Contact us today for more information or request a catalog.

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