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The 5 Benefits of US Manufactured LED Signs

Posted by Morgan Marks on Wed, Nov 28, 2012

For the past several years, if you read any industry articles talking about manufacturing, they were all saying one thing: move overseas! Many companies jumped on this bandwagon to lower their costs and remain competitive in the marketplace.

US Manufactured LED Displays at Adaptive Display SolutionsUnfortunately, what companies are starting to learn is that this may not be the best approach. Quality is hard to maintain halfway across the world and holding foreign manufacturers accountable is nearly impossible. As a result, reshoring has begun to take hold as a new trend.

Adaptive Display Solutions, however, was far ahead of that curve. In fact, we never left the US! Since 1978, our LED signage has been proudly US manufactured, right here in Wisconsin. We believe this gives us the edge over foreign-based manufacturing, and the reasons are clear to see.

  • Better Quality Control. Foreign manufacturers are not tied to the same stringent specifications and quality control as American companies.  Often times, they purchase the cheapest components with no regard to design consistency or quality.  The product you buy today may not be the product they are building tomorrow.  In this market, it is truly “buyer beware”.
  • Reliable Customer Service and Support. When you buy an Adaptive Display through an Authorized Sales Partner, you have no doubt who made it or who to call if there's a problem. You don't have to worry about following a supply chain to a country halfway around the world. All the assistance you need is here in the USA.
  • A Commitment to Training. We offer on-site training camps for all our sales partners, right here in our own manufacturing facility. All of our partners can receive a hands-on direct look at our devices as they roll through production. Being US manufactured means our Authorized Sales Partners don't simply rely on videos and brochures for technical training.
  • Technical Innovations.  Adaptive’s LED displays feature our own patented Protector® case to make sure your display runs in the harshest environments. We're focused on constantly improving and enhancing our products while maintaining a competitive price.
  • Help the Economy. It's certainly no secret that the US jobs market has been weak. US manufacturing jobs create workers with the income to purchase your products. You aren't simply helping fellow Americans hold onto their employment, you're also enabling more of them to become customers.

Sure, there are cheaper sources for LED signs, but none that we believe rival the US manufactured quality of Adaptive Displays. You get a higher quality product, more reliable service, and you help keep the economic engine of our country running.

If you have any other questions about the benefits of US manufacturing, feel free to contact Adaptive Display Solutions for more information. This is something we're passionate about, and we hope you feel the same!

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