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How to Use LED Gas Station Signs to Save Time

Posted by Morgan Marks on Thu, Nov 08, 2012

Trying to make money with a gas station in today's market is tough. Gas prices continue to remain high, and gas consumption among motorists continues to decline without any good reason to think it will rebound any time soon. On top of that, for most drivers, gasoline is the very definition of a parity product.

If someone's tank is nearly empty, they aren't likely to drive around looking for the perfect gas station. They're going to go to the first one they find.

In short, having effective gas station signs is absolutely vital to keeping your enterprise afloat. When you're competing for customers along the roadside, nothing will drive traffic like a big, vibrant, unmistakable gas station sign that catches their eye first.

To do that, you need an LED gas station sign. However, the best part is, you'll save money at the same time!

Benefits of Digital LED Gas Station Signs

Let's switch gears and talk about you for a moment. Gas prices fluctuate constantly, often multiple times a day, and you have to keep your price display updated to match. Are you still sending employees out to change a sign by hand? If so, a LED display can make the process far easier.

Rather than sending people out to update your sign, you can do it within moments from the comfort of your office, using LED programming software. You can even set it up to automatically update, as new rates come down the line.

LED gas station signs save you money in more ways as well. The power consumption of a digital LED sign is vastly less than competing signs, and it has a longer lifespan than other illuminated signs as well. Even though there are some higher setup costs up-front, an LED display will give you superior ROI over the course of its estimated ten-year lifespan.

LED Gas Station Signs Bring Customers

Ease of use and lower energy consumption are not the only benefits to an LED display. They have also been proven to help bring in more traffic. Digital LED signage is brighter and more easily-seen by motorists than any other form of signage. Your LED display will out-power all the other signs on the road, showing customers your message before they even have a chance to find out about offerings from the other guys.

If you install an outdoor digital display, you can also bring in motorists for more than just gasoline! With a combination of pictures and video, you could:

  • Display special sales in your convenience store.

  • Show off the food in your restaurant.

  • Advertise to specific groups, such as long-haul truckers or families on the road.

  • Announce the various roadside maintenance facilities you have on-site.

  • And more!

LED gas station signs are a great all-around solution to the problem of advertising your business. You'll save money, be seen from further off, and draw in more business. With the gas industry still shaky, you need every edge you can get.

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