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How Overhead Traffic Signs Communicate with Travelers

Posted by Morgan Marks on Mon, Oct 22, 2012

LED displays are being adopted by cities and states across the nation to enhance and improve their existing overhead traffic signs and roadway messaging. These versatile displays can be an integral part of any community's Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), directing traffic and advising motorists of information they need to reach their destinations safely.

overhead traffic signsWhen it comes to overhead traffic displays, digital LED signs offer four major benefits over any other form of electronic sign:

  • A much lower operating cost, thanks to reduced energy demands.
  • The ability to show any message you need, even with graphics.
  • They have greater visibility than any other sign, both during day and night.
  • An LED display can be updated at any time, remotely, from a standard workplace computer.

These signs can be used in nearly any function along a roadway, making them simple to integrate into your ITS planning.  

Uses For LED Overhead Traffic Signs In Intelligent Transportation Systems

  • Advise of upcoming delays. Overhead signs are frequently deployed across the country to provide highway delay and ETA information to travelers, helping them plan their routes. Depending on how advanced your ITS is, these alerts could be sent out automatically as they get into the system.
  • Control the flow of traffic. Overhead LED displays can mark construction zones, closed lanes, or direct travelers through detours. The high visibility of LED signs make it less likely that a motorist will get confused or lost. Keep your traffic moving!
  • Direct drivers to major events. Rather than static signs pointing to the airport or other popular destinations, you can update your directional signs according to need. If there's a big football game or convention, you can alter your signs to increase the number of pointers towards these locations.
  • Make your Amber Alerts more effective. Digital highway signs can be updated the moment an Amber Alert hits, increasing its chances of working. If you have full-color displays along the highway, you can even display photographs to every driver passing by.
  • Simplify Queueing. LED displays are excellent for marking queues, such as at tollbooths, when motorists need to form into distinct lines. Bright, clear LED displays will always point to the proper paths.
  • Display important governmental alerts. In the case that the Emergency Broadcast System or similar procedure is activated, these same highway signs can be used to give motorists up-to-the-minute information on any alerts that will affect their drive.

Digital overhead traffic signs simply make sense for today's ITS strategies. They have a lower operating cost and higher visibility than conventional signage, as well as the ability to be altered to suit any need your traffic control has. No computer knowledge is needed to use them besides the basics.

If you have any questions about how LED displays can improve your overhead highway signage, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll supply all the information you need.

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