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Use an LED Church Sign as Part of Your Outreach Program

Posted by Morgan Marks on Mon, Sep 24, 2012

A church isn't just a building where people gather to pray. It's a part of the community.

LED church signsYour church undoubtedly has a range of activities and outreach programs that you want everyone near you to hear about, from calls to worship to fundraisers. Unfortunately, with the economy still down and many churches still reporting lowered revenues, a lot of churches have to try to make do with limited resources, which makes outreach difficult.

As this ChurchWorld article illustrates, finding cost-effective methods for church outreach are difficult. Most of the traditional mass media forms are too expensive, or reach too limited an audience. However, that's where an LED church sign can make a difference.

An LED church sign gives you a lot of power and flexibility, making it one of the most versatile and cost-effective forms of outreach your church can engage in.

Read on for a few of the ways that digital LED church signs can benefit your congregation!

  1. Cut Your Costs!

    Even though LED digital signage costs more up-front, it more than pays for itself in the long run. LED signs save you money in multiple ways:

  • They need far less maintenance, needing virtually none after installation with normal usage.
  • The average life of an LED bulb is longer than ten years, meaning you won't need another sign for at least a decade.
  • LED signs use less energy than any other illuminated sign, beating out incandescent bulbs by nearly 10 to 1, and also substantially undercutting neon.
  • This adds up to cost savings over the next ten years that more than pay for the sign.
  1. Change Your Message At Will

    The best feature of an LED church sign is that you can change the message displayed on it, at will, at any time of day or night. All you need is some simple PC software and you can be composing new calls to worship or displaying inspirational artwork within minutes. The days of sending someone out to change your message board at 5 AM on Sunday are long gone.

  2. Be Seen!

    LED displays are substantially brighter than neon or any other kind of illuminated sign. Your message can be seen from further off, and is clearly visible even on bright sunny days. With a LED sign, you can be sure that no one with eyes will miss seeing your Message.

  3. Send Targeted Messages

    You can turn your digital sign into a hub for passers-by, both from your flock and from the community at large. You could have one set of messages programmed for worship days, and another set for the rest of the week, giving everyone nearby a reason to see what your Church has to offer.

In short, compared to most other forms of outreach and advertisement, a large LED church sign can reach more people, more effectively.  The average cost is only 15c per viewer.  With LED signs, you get a lot of impressions, for not much money.

Are you looking for a way to reach out and bring in new members to your congregation? Let us help you! Contact Adaptive Display Solutions for more information.

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