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Why Use Social Media with Your Digital Display

Posted by Morgan Marks on Tue, Jul 31, 2012

There's a big world of social media out there, full of potential customers for your business, and it's only growing. Whether you're using your LED digital displays as signs, message space, or menu boards, you should be looking at integrating social media to get the best response.

Just to throw out a few facts:

  • Facebook has more than 800 million user accounts, and some estimates suggest that number may near one Billion by the end of the year. That means roughly 1/7 of the entire world population will have a Facebook account.
  • Twitter now has roughly half a billion users worldwide.
  • YouTube serves over 800 million users a month, as well as serving up more than three billion hours of video each month.
  • FourSquare, a growing location-based service, sees more than 2 billion check-ins every day.

What this means is, if you aren't using your LED signs, displays, and menu boards to target social media users, you're really missing out.

The Power of Social Media

This case study of a burger joint in Milwaukee, AJ Bombers, illustrates exactly how much power social media can have in a restaurant. In only a year, they turned their business into an overnight success, by appealing to social users and coming up with creative ways to integrate social media into their business and signage. Their menu boards even include items invented by social fans, and voted on by the same.

The best part is, social media is cheap. Nearly all the social services are free to use. There's still some manpower involved, but that's a lot more affordable than most traditional marketing services.

Tips for Integrating Social Media and LED Displays

  • List the number of “Liked” items on your menu boards you get on Facebook.
  • Have a “Twitterfall” of live Tweets on an indoor text display. Encourage people to have live conversations.
  • Offer special deals to FourSquare members who “check in” at your location. Advertise these on your LED display!
  • Encourage meetups, “Tweetups,” or FourSquare “mobs” for special events, such as parties, grand openings, and other major promotions.
  • Display your YouTube videos on your full-color outdoor display.

Social media is a huge market, just waiting for you to step in and grab their attention. It's inexpensive, it's easy, and it's even fun. Try it for yourself, and give your LED displays, messaging areas, or menu boards one more way to prove their value.

Learn more about LED signs for your restaurant or business or to request a quote, contact Adaptive Displays.

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