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LED Energy Efficiency Provides Economical Benefits

Posted by Morgan Marks on Mon, Jul 02, 2012

LED displays offer many advantages over more traditional signs, but it often surprises people to learn that LED energy efficiency and overall cost savings is among these advantages. Businesses can often be put off by the relatively higher initial expense of a LED sign, but when you look down the road, it's an excellent investment.

If you're on the fence about whether an Adaptive LED business sign is a good choice for your enterprise, here are some things you might want to know about LED energy efficiency and its overall potential to reduce your expenditures.

Key Facts About LED Energy Efficiency

  • LED displays use vastly less power than traditional bulbs. LED technology is currently the most power-efficient illumination on the market. LEDs only use around ten percent as much electricity as a conventional incandescent bulb, and still remain the superior option when compared to all other forms of lighting, generally at least twice as efficient as any other option on the market.
  • LED lights last longer. Another advantage of LED illumination is that LED bulbs take an extremely long time to burn out. They'll generally last sixty times as long as a traditional filament bulb, and can outlast fluorescents by at least a factor of ten as well. In general, you should expect at least 100,000 hours from an LED display.
  • LED lights create less waste heat. Thanks to LED energy efficiency, these signs create far less heat as well. Combine that with Adaptive's innovative approaches to dealing with heat management and you have a sign which won't burn out, and which can work in temperatures ranging from -40 degrees, up to over 120 degrees! (Fahrenheit)

Based on this, it's easy to see how a LED business sign can easily provide a far longer life, with far less maintenance, than a traditional board. However, let's also look at a couple other ways that the efficiency of LED displays can lead to a better bottom line:

  • LED displays are simple to change. Because of their digital nature, you can put new images and messages on an LED display as often as you think of them. Custom software makes it easy, and this translates directly to time, energy, and money saved whenever you want to make a tweak to the sign.
  • LED signs reduce maintenance costs. Since you will not have to worry about changing out burned bulbs, or making physical alterations to the sign, maintenance of an LED sign is lower than with any other signage. You won't have to worry about sending people out on dangerous ladders, or hiring contractors to make changes for you.

Thanks to superior LED energy efficiency, an LED sign can be one of the best marketing investments you make for your business. You'll save money on your power bill, prevent unnecessary maintenance jobs, and have a sign that you can quickly repurpose as often as you need.

For more information on how you can save with LED digital displays, contact Adaptive Displays.

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