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How LED Business Signs Help in Retail

Posted by Morgan Marks on Mon, Jun 25, 2012

When you're looking into signage for your company, it's usually a simple question of getting the most bang for your buck. Signs become part of your identity as a business, so you want one, which catches the eye and makes people want to visit you, rather than the guys down the street. Even in today's digital world, never underestimate the traffic you can generate with a good sign.

LED business signThis is why an Adaptive LED business sign is such an excellent investment for a retailer. They're interesting, eye-catching, and guaranteed to stand out above any of your competitors who are still using old, static signs.

Here are just a few ways that a good LED business sign can generate customers while saving you time and money on your marketing:

  • Changing them is simple. One of the key benefits of an LED business sign is that it's controlled entirely by computer, from the comfort of your office. You can change the message, the logo, or even the entire sign in minutes, and without having to send someone up on ladders, risking injury in the process. They are vastly more flexible, and it costs you nothing whenever you want to make a change.
  • Advertise specials and promotions. With an LED sign, there's no reason not to tell the world about your sales and special promotions. Rather than just hanging a sign in the window, you can put it up in lights for any passer-by to see.
  • Provide useful information. Everyone expects bank signs to tell them the time and temperature, but that's just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. An outdoor sign can be used to feed the public anything from sports scores to a stock feed. Appeal to the common interests of your customers and make your sign useful to them, to inspire future loyalty.
  • Use videos and animations. With an Excite full-color sign, you can put up full motion video and animations. Try an animated logo, rather than a static one, or put up film clips of people enjoying your establishment. Show the people outside what they're missing on the inside.
  • Change your message during different times of day. If your business caters to different markets, you can customize your LED sign to advertise to them during the times they're most likely to see it. Reach out to commuters in the morning, and homeowners in the afternoon. You aren't forced to try to make a “one size fits all” message.
  • Inform customers in the lobby. An indoor LED business sign creates a perfect way to communicate with your own customers. Whether it's displaying information about your company, or showing order statuses, you can be useful to your clients while cutting down on trips to your customer service desk.

In short, the best thing about LED signs is their flexibility. They can be virtually anything you want them to be. You're free to experiment and try out new things, without the worry that can accompany purchasing a permanent sign.

Contact Adaptive Displays for more information on LED business signs or to learn about our other LED products and software.

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