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5 Ways to Manage Heat for LED digital displays

Posted by Morgan Marks on Mon, Mar 19, 2012

Creating lasting LED displays is important for any business that is looking to spread their brand name. The challenge with having these LED displays is the amount of heat that is built up from the lights and weather.

Multiple ways are provided to help cool bigger signs that have a higher amount of heat build up. Adaptive offers heat management solutions proven to control the heat created from LED displays. 

  • Add the Protector™ Case, a.060” thick aluminum case that allows the internal heat to transfer to the outside while lowering the effects of the sun’s heat.
  • Heat-trapping plastic shields allows for full light output on open LEDs and can also improve viewing angles.
  • Conformal-coated components freely exchange heat that is generated to the inside of the enclosure.
  • Gold-plated connectors are mainly used for high-speed data lines and generate less heat.
  • Thermal management design wicks heat away from critical components and scatters it evenly throughout the rest of the unit.

Adaptive’s thermal management has been a proven success in both the lab and field. The various tests proved that the component could withstand extreme temperatures without exceeding its temperature limit. The units are also equipped with temperature a sensor that automatically dims or even turns off the lights to control the heat.

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