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Morgan Marks

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The 5 Benefits of US Manufactured LED Signs

Posted on Wed, Nov 28, 2012

For the past several years, if you read any industry articles talking about manufacturing, they were all saying one thing: move overseas! Many companies jumped on this bandwagon to lower their costs and remain competitive in the marketplace.

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Tags: U.S. Manufactured, Adaptive Display Solutions, Digital Signage

How to Use LED Gas Station Signs to Save Time

Posted on Thu, Nov 08, 2012

Trying to make money with a gas station in today's market is tough. Gas prices continue to remain high, and gas consumption among motorists continues to decline without any good reason to think it will rebound any time soon. On top of that, for most drivers, gasoline is the very definition of a parity product.

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Tags: outdoor led signs, LED Software, gas station signs

How to Use Digital Signage in the Transportation Industry

Posted on Mon, Nov 05, 2012

LED-based digital signage is useful in virtually any commercial setting where non-digital signs could be used, but it can be especially effective when applied to the transportation industry. When passers-by need to receive information that can be seen even as they're speeding by at 60+ MPH, digital signs are among the best options out there.

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Tags: outdoor led signs, ITS, Transportation Industry

LCD vs LED Lights In Your Business Signage

Posted on Tue, Oct 30, 2012

One common question we often hear is whether LCD panels or LED displays are a better investment for commercial displays. These technologies have a few superficial similarities, but on the whole, they're quite different and, as such, suited for significantly different uses.

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Tags: LED Business Signs, Digital Signage, LED Lights

It’s Easy Being Green With LED Digital Signage

Posted on Mon, Oct 29, 2012

If your company is concerned with environmentalism and eco-friendliness, you're in good company. "Going green" continues to be a trend among businesses who see that it's a solution that really does help everyone:

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Tags: LED Sign Benefits, Digital Signage, LED Lights

Quick Guide to Setting the Time for Daylight Saving Time on LED Signs

Posted on Wed, Oct 24, 2012

Daylight saving time is just around the corner (November 4th), and with that comes the resetting of the time on your LED display signs. To make this process as easy for you as possible, we’re giving you a step-by-step guide of what to do for each of our different LED signs.

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Tags: Daylight Savings Time, LED Sign Settings, LED Digital Displays

How Overhead Traffic Signs Communicate with Travelers

Posted on Mon, Oct 22, 2012

LED displays are being adopted by cities and states across the nation to enhance and improve their existing overhead traffic signs and roadway messaging. These versatile displays can be an integral part of any community's Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), directing traffic and advising motorists of information they need to reach their destinations safely.

When it comes to overhead traffic displays, digital LED signs offer four major benefits over any other form of electronic sign:

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Tags: ITS, Overhead Traffic Signs, LED traffic signs

5 Benefits of Being an LED Sales Partner with Adaptive

Posted on Wed, Oct 17, 2012

If you're a retailer or distributor of electronic signs, have you considered becoming an LED sales partner with Adaptive? It could be just the thing to give your signage business the boost it needs!

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Tags: U.S. Manufactured, LED Sales Partner, Adaptive Display Solutions

Why Adaptive’s LED Panels are Quick and Easy to Work With

Posted on Tue, Oct 16, 2012

One concern that comes up frequently enough when we're discussing the benefits of LED signs is the matter of maintenance. It's understandable enough. After all, when you're dealing with traditional incandescent or neon signs, you know exactly what you're getting when you buy one. These are well-known technologies.

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Tags: Adaptive Display Solutions, LED Display Signs, LED Panels

Digital LED Signs Jumpstart Stalled Auto Dealers

Posted on Fri, Oct 05, 2012

If you run an automotive sales or repair business and are looking to revamp your shop to attract more customers, why not give yourself a digital update?

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Tags: auto dealers, Digital Signage, Digital Displays