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Danny Carmody

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4 Ways Digital Signs Helps Students, Faculty & the Community Stay Connected

Posted on Tue, Aug 12, 2014

Communication is an integral component of education. In an age of technological advances and information overload, older methods may not prove as effective as they once were. Not unlike while students are at home or out and about, in the school setting or classroom, they are likely to be distracted. Considering the many distractions such as iPods, phones, text messages, Twitter and more, cutting through the clutter with education-related information may be difficult. Digital signage, whether indoor or outdoor, is a great, technology-forward way to communicate with students, parents and faculty alike, and can be useful in the following ways:

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3 Attention-Grabbing Ways to Use Content in Outdoor LED Displays

Posted on Fri, Aug 01, 2014

Like most advertising mediums, choosing the right mix of visuals and copy is vital to targeting the appropriate audience for your offering. LED signage is no different. Oftentimes, digital messaging displays are underutilized, like driving a Ferrari in the city. It’s likely you put time and effort into your other marketing materials, so why should your digital message center be any different?

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