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Digital Signage Software Manages Digital Communication

Use your computer or even an iPhone to update the sign’s message!

You can now instantly update Adaptive A or J series displays using your iPhone or computer. By utilizing the included powerful display administration tools, you will be able to successfully broadcast an unlimited combination of your establishment’s advertisements, promotions, sales and other forms of important information.

Ooh!Media™ is an intuitive user friendly Windows® based application that will allow you to quickly create and manage the sign’s messages. This efficient, yet straight forward software platform supplies a variety of tools for creating and scheduling messages, animations and videos.

  • Message Editor – Add text over colored backgrounds, images or animations.
  • Graphic Tools – Powerful message editing software that can be used to create and edit your sign’s message.
  • Simple scheduling – Preschedule the sign’s messages to play reoccurring messages and/or messages at specific times or exact days.
  • Special Effects – Choose from a variety of neat transitions and shadowing effects to help bring your message alive!
  • Preview your message – View all content you create prior to sending to the sign.
  • Built In Apps – Effortlessly add to your messages live weather and time updates and RSS feeds.
  • Content Library – It Comes with a collection of multiple industry specific, premade, easy to edit graphics and basic animated clips.
  • Animated Fonts – Display your message in a style that captivates and attracts attention.
  • Commercials, Animated Clips & Graphics – Supports JPG, GIF, AVI and BMP files.

Ooh! Media training and support videos.

Step 1 – Getting started with Ooh! Media. watch video

Step 2- Creating a basic message watch video

  • Covers how to add color, animation, shadow and graphics to your messages.

 Step 3 – Adding images and graphics to your message. watch video

  • How to insert your own images and graphics to your messages.
  • Placing text over your images.

 Step 4 – How to add basic dates, time and other fields to your messages. watch video 

 Step 5 - Schedule your sign messages to automatically play by exact time, day, week or month. watch video

 Ohh!Media software


As a value added service we have added in the QuickTrigger™ app. This allows the user to from their iPhone or iPad instantly interrupt a currently running message on the sign and replace it momentarily with a desired message.  Examples of uses include instantly highlighting big plays during a sporting event such as touchdowns or interceptions


Watch the video below to learn about AlphaNet